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What is the system referred to as "Contact us!"?

It is a web application that helps communication and the management of cases among users and administrators.

What cases can I administer via the system?

You should indicate in this system if you would like to obtain statistical information, search for data, would like to ask for our position in questions of classification, for verification of codes or for other verification, have professional or technical questions on statistical data supply or data supply via KSH-Elektra or turn to us with your data request.

How can I enter the system?

What happens after filling in the form?

Completion of the form will be recorded in the system by pressing the "Submit Case" button.

The system will send an auto-reply message to the specified email address with a link. By clicking on this link, you need to confirm that you really want to use this service.

The system will send email notifications of the progress of your case to the email address provided on the form.