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What is the system referred to as “Contact us!”?

It is a web application that helps communication and the management of cases among users and administrators. The system also includes Knowledge base software, which contains frequently asked questions on HCSO’s website and different applications (e.g. KSH-Elektra, Intrastat) and answers to these. Before initiating the starting of a case we suggest to you using the knowledge base.

What cases can I administer via the system?

You should indicate in this system if you would like to obtain statistical information, search for data, would like to ask for our position in questions of classification, for verification of codes or for other verification, have professional or technical questions on statistical data supply or data supply via KSH-Elektra or turn to us with your EU data request.

How can I enter the system?

Why is it worth using the system as a registered user?

Registered users can follow up all the cases submitted to the system as well as their case history on the surface of our system referred to as “Contact us!”.

Those who are KSH-Elektra users do not need to register additionally here, they can log in on the homepage of the “Contact us!” system as KSH-Elektra users.

Non-registered users can only see the history of the current case on the surface of the system referred to as “Contact us!”.